Commercial & Military Aircraft Parts & Components

Depend on Charlotte Aircraft Corporation in Maxton, North Carolina, for the best in aircraft parts and aircraft components. We sell parts for many kinds of commercial and military aircraft.

Aircraft Parts

Let us help you locate the most hard-to-find parts, dating all the way back to classic aircrafts. As part of the industry standard, we list all our items on the Inventory Locater Service® (ILS) database, an on–line international database for aircraft parts. We obtain our parts through various methods, for example, we purchase surplus parts inventories or purchase aircraft and tear them down. If you don't see a part that you are looking for, contact us and we will be happy to try to find it for you.

Our Guarantee

We sell parts in various conditions. Unless otherwise stated at the time of sale, all parts are subject to your inspection, and we guarantee that all parts are repairable. If a part does not meet your requirements, we replace/exchange the part with a like part or we will refund your purchase. The conditions of parts include:

• New Surplus - "Like New"/Unused Condition
• Overhauled - Certified by a FAA Repair Shop to be in "Overhaul" condition (Tagged & Dated)
• Serviceable - Certified by a FAA Repair Shop to be in "Serviceable" condition (Tagged & Dated)
• As-Removed (Repairable) - Removed from an aircraft

Contact us for aircraft parts that are specified for military or commercial airplanes.